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  • 17,000kg

    Operating Weight

  • 4,270mm

    Blade Width

  • 40km/h

    Max. Travel Speed

If you're looking for a Motor Grader that combines superior design, precise control, and unmatched durability the 4215D is the one for the job. Experience quality grading and the benefits it can have on your projects. With LiuGong you'll join ranks of customers who trust LiuGong with their heavy equipment needs.


Reliability and Toughness You Can Depend On

The 4215D is engineered for rugged reliability, aimed at reducing downtime and boosting uptime performance, even in the harshest working conditions. The moldboard undergoes extreme heat treatment, resulting in a longer-lasting cutting edge that can tackle the toughest grading tasks. Our maintenance-free slewing ring is designed for enhanced load support and power transmission in all directions, ensuring it withstands the most demanding conditions. Its one-piece, wear-resistant design means it's built to last. The reinforced worm gearbox is a workhorse that goes the extra mile, providing durability and longevity for the most challenging jobs.

Superior Design and Operator Comfort

Embracing LiuGong's award-winning design heritage, the 4215D Motor Grader has been meticulously crafted with the operator in mind. LiuGong's unique 5-pillar ergonomic cab design offers operators an unparalleled 324° panoramic view of the job site, ensuring superior visibility and operator comfort.

Sensitive Control for Precision Grading

Achieving precise grades is an art that demands skill and precision, and our newly designed ergonomic layout empowers operators to create flawless grades with fewer passes. The redesigned control cluster puts the power directly in the operator's hands. Levers and controls are intuitively placed, allowing for single-handed operation, minimizing effort, and maximizing control precision.
Experience top-quality finishes with greater accuracy and fewer passes, thanks to the efficient laser guidance and cross slope system. Sensitive control at your fingertips.



  • Operating Weight

    17,000 kg
  • Blade Pull

    133 kN


  • Model

  • Emission Regulation

    Tier 3
  • Rated Power

    145 kW (194 hp / 197 ps) @ 2,200 rpm
  • Maximum Torque

    984 N·m
  • Number of Cylinders



  • Type

    Countershaft, power shift
  • Torque Converter

    Single stage, three elements
  • Maximum Travel Speed, Forward

    40 km/h
  • Maximum Travel Speed, Reverse

    26.2 km/h
  • Number of Speeds

    6F, 3R


  • Differential Type

    Limited slip standard
  • Final Drive Type

    Chain drive
  • Axle Oscillation

  • Front Axle, Wheel Lean Angle

    Left / right 18°


  • Steering Configuration

    Load sensor steering gear
  • Steering Relief Pressure

    16.7 MPa
  • Minimum Turning Radius

    7,200 mm
  • Steering Angle

  • Frame Articulation Angle



  • Service Brake Type

    Full hydraulic drum break
  • Service Brake Location

    Rear axle


  • Tire Size


Hydraulic System

  • Main Pump Type

  • Main Relief Pressure

    20 MPa
  • Main Pump Flow

    122 L/min

Working Capacities

  • Maximum Draw Pull

    133 kN
  • Cutting Pressure

    8,300 kg

Tandem Drive Performance

  • Height

    600 mm
  • Width

    210 mm
  • Center Distance

    1,538 mm

Moldboard Performance

  • Bank Cut Angle

  • Moldboard Lift Above Ground

    600 mm
  • Moldboard Side Shift, left/right

    660 / 740 mm
  • Maximum Sloping Angle

  • Cutting Depth

    680 mm
  • Circle Rotation

  • Circle Diameter

    1,455 mm
  • Circle Thickness

    140 mm


  • Wheelbase

    6,230 mm
  • Overall Length

    9,140 mm
  • Overall Height with Cab

    3,380 mm
  • Clearance under Front Axle

    602 mm
  • Moldboard Standard Length

    4,270 mm
  • Moldboard Standard Thickness

    19 mm
  • Moldboard Standard Height

    610 mm
  • Operating Weight

    17,000 kg

Service Capacities

  • Fuel Tank

    348 L
  • Engine Oil

  • Cooling System

  • Hydraulic Reservoir

  • Transmission and Torque Converter

  • Tandems, each


Optional Equipment

  • Rear Ripper

  • Front Dozer

  • Automatic Leveling System

  • Rotary Beacon

  • Frictional Flake Worm Box