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Get more out of what you dig

LiuGong Australia’s hard-working excavators provide the performance needed and the flexibility projects demand to get the job done right. Designed to perform well on any job site, our expansive range of excavators includes compact machines for tight areas and powerful machines for the toughest of jobs in all conditions. The fuel efficiency of our machines, coupled with their smooth operation, gets the job done.

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Industry Solutions

  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • General Construction
  • Road Construction
  • Waste
  • Foundation
  • Quarry and Aggregates
  • Mining

Equipment Type

  • Small Excavators
  • Medium Excavators
  • Large Excavators

Operating Weight

  • 0-10 tons
  • 10-30 tons
  • >30 tons


  • >7 tons

Gross Power

  • <100 hp
  • 120-175 hp
  • 200-250 hp
  • 250 & Over


Wood/Stone Grapple

Wood/Stone Grapple

A specialised attachment for unloading wood and stone.



Strong and adaptable, our hammer attachment is ideal for mountain cutting, quarrying, demolition, secondary crushing, river levee trimming and sewer excavation.