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Extended warranty

Purchase LiuGong’s extended warranty coverage for increased security against unexpected repair costs. Ensure your plant is getting the best in heavy machinery maintenance with genuine parts and certified technicians to extend its working life and reduce your overall costs.

Why purchase an extended warranty?

Our extended warranty program adds value to LiuGong machinery purchases. Our customers can reduce their risk, manage costs, and increase the re-sale or trade-in value of their equipment.


Genuine Liugong replacement parts & service

Our extended warranty program guarantees genuine replacement parts from LiuGong certified dealers. Any authorised LiuGong dealer can provide the coverage, supported by LiuGong.


Added value for re-sale or trade

Customers can transfer any remaining coverage period to the new owner if they decide to sell or trade-in their machinery. This adds value to the sale.


Affordable pricing

Our extended warranty program is one of the most affordable in the industry. Once your original warranty expires, just one heavy machinery repair can cost far more than the coverage. A small investment now can save a lot of money over the life of the machine.


Peace of mind

LiuGong stands by all its products. We want to remove the risk of unexpected heavy equipment repair costs. Customers have the power to control their budget and cash flow through a minimal upfront cost that will save them money later. They buy peace of mind with one of the industry’s top warranty and product support programs on hand when they need it most.


Coverage types

LiuGong extended warranty program gives customers two coverage options:

  • Full Machine Powertrain
  • and Hydraulic

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